"MIRRORS of the IMAGINATION" reflects three contemporary international masters representing Serbia, Australia and Canada whose visual search for new artistic horizons explore inner visions and emotions rather than words.  Transforming the banal into poignantly mystical beautiful abstract canvases, these artists explore the unconventional, always evolving into a profound metaphoric message. Their metaphysical search is visually expressed through a variety of materials and mediums creating a virtual fireworks display of creative and exuberant energy. ALEKSANDAR DEVIC invites us to his imaginary, magical surrealist world where he creates unique canvases which offer brilliant interpretations of the human condition, demonstrating his vast creativity and exciting imagination, thereby revealing images that are inspired by the subconscious. NICHOLA DOHERTY challenges the eye with abstracted expressions that reflect the deepest visceral qualities of the human heart by revealing a huetopian quest which reflects a myriad of colors, juxtaposed against a polarity of shapes that pulsate with an electric energy and are ignited by her dynamic use of brilliant and bold pigments which capture the dichotomy of human emotions. ANN HAESSEL explores the majesty and sublimity of nature, offering a unique three- dimensional quality to her ravishing abstract landscape series by introducing mixed medium fiber and texture, thereby challenging the viewer with a fresh artistic vision of our environs, by providing a broader rejuvenescent abstract-expressionist interpretation and perspective to our natural settings.
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