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Painter and Graphic Artist

Born in Belgrade - 1954.
Finished faculty of Applied Arts at the department of applied graphics in Belgrade in 1978.
Postgraduate studies finished at the same faculty in 1998.

1973./1978. University - Beograd
Completed five years - Graphic Art and Painting.

1995./1998. University of Beograd
Completed three year at Post Graduate Studies

Solo exhibition
Member of Association of Artists of Serbia - ULUS in Nis, painting section.
Many exibitions of members of Association but also had a few individual
exhibitions in the home country and abroad as well.

1978.  Universityt of Nis, Serbia
1991.  Gallery "Zograf" - Nis, Serbia
1994.  Gallery Teofano - Volos, Greece
2005.  Gallery "Serbia", Nis, Serbia - Computer graphics
2017.  "University gallery", Vranje - Serbia - grafike
2017.  Gallery Serbia, Gallery of Contemporary Art, Nis, Serbia
2018. "Serbian Culture Center", Budimpesta, Hungary Graphics
2018.  Gallery "Cedomir Krtic", Pirot, Serbia, Exhibition of Paintings
2019.  Gallery Library Cajetina, Zlatibor, Serbia, Graphics
2020.g. Moder gallerza Lazarevac, Serbia, Painting exhibition

Group exhibition

1978. Graphic collective Belgrade
1978. Golden pen Belgrade
1986. Member of ULUS (Association of Visual Artists of Serbia)
1986. 1993. Spring exhibition Nis
1994. Nis Drawings
1994. Spring exhibition Nis
1995. Spring exhibition ULUS-a Nis - Beograd
1995. Nis Drawings
1995. 1997. Spring exhibitions Nis
1999. Association of Visual Artists of Vrsac
2000. Spring exhibition Nis
2001.  2002. ULUS-a Nis
2002.  Exhibition in Barri Italy - Artists of Nish
2003.  ULUS-a Nis
2007.  Spring exhibition Nis
2008.  2009. ULUS-a Nis
2009.  Ico Gallery, New York,  USA - "A Foot in the Grave"
2010.  Ico Gallery, New York,  USA - "Strange Design"2011.
2011.  Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, New York, USA - "Reflection From a Rainbow"
2012.  Art Approach, New York, USA - Art In focus - New York
2013.  Roa Gallery London Group exhibition
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